Friday, July 31, 2009

Potential Projects for 2009-2010

I decided to make myself a list so it can help me choose what to make when I get the chance to. You guys can help me pick as well!!


1.) Princess Jasmine: red outfit
2.) Jun: uniform - only w/o helmet, unless I can figure out a way to make a really good one.
3.) Catwoman: black w/ goggles, in purple, or old show
4.) Fuu Hououji: w/o armor or with it
5.) Bioshock: Tenenbaum or Langford
6.) Princess Daisy: new dress
7.) Princess Leia Organa: Hoth uniform (but only if the place I am going to be at is cold), white celebration dress, or Bespin dress
8.) Rise (Persona 4): School Uniform
9.) Diana Prince: Original Version - I might even wear a Wonder Woman costume under the clothes or secret agent
10.) Vampire Princess Miyu: white dress
11.) Team Fortress 2: The Scout

{Other Costumes}

1.) Rome-inspired: The white or blue dress
2.) Gypsy: Pattern that I will use I am thinking about doing something inspired by the song "Gypsy".
3.) Kilt: Ren Fest costume for my bf


1.) Shadow Heartless: normal - this is for my disney princess costume. The plush will be attempted amigurumi style.

That is just a few of them for now - I will be working on the list!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New blog

Hey all, I decided to go ahead and start a new blog pertaining to my interests and hobbies. Things like crafting, video games, photography, and so on. I will write more when I get a chance!