Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yarn Bee's Walk Away yarn

Look at this neat sock yarn that my sis bought for me. I have been instructed to make pedicure socks for her out of it. The only thing is that I sat down to make them and then realized that I don't have the right size needles. So I will have to buy the right ones. I will post pictures when the socks are finished!




Multi-Color Dalek Wash Cloth

multiway,dalek,doctor who,knitting

I knitted this out of Lily Sugar n Cream cotton yarn. It's a multi-way colorway in lime green, teal, blue, and yellow. I made it from a pattern - that I can't remember the link for....but you could probably find it by google searching.

Origami Time!

I sat down recently and made this! It's my first time making flower origami. I haven't really done any type of paper crafting since I was in elementary school other than making cranes. I want to make some paper craft home decor when I move.


It was made using mint green colored floral origami paper. Two sided - the other side was a solid green. Fun Fun!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I made this wallpaper to celebrate that I made it to the plot twist of the game. Even though I wasn't too happy with the whole thing. I am new to FPS games and I am loving this one so far. The little sisters are my favorite part of the game.

bioshock,little sister,michi,wallpaper